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Top 10 Tips for today’s bride – Here are some things I have learned while being a wedding photographer.  Hopefully they help some of you have the best wedding day ever.  So here we go!

  1. Tanning– Don’t tan for about 2-3 weeks before your wedding. Your skin will look orange in your photos. Also, Be aware of tan lines.
  2. Get your teeth cleaned and whitened before the wedding.
  3. Get a wedding dress that flatters you. One that fits well so you don’t have back fat or excess around your arm pit area.
  4. Pad your time. Something WILL run late. We HAVE to have time to get the shots you want.
  5. Bridezillas – NO BRIDEZILLAS – It WILL show in your photos, take steps to keep calm.  Assign someone to run your day.
  6. Have a pretty hanger for your dress. When you spend so much money on a beautiful dress, spend an extra $20 and get a cute hanger. has a lot of them or you can find them at
  7. Make sure you have food for the wedding party & Bride/Groom.  People get irritable when they get hungry.
  8. Don’t wear brand new shoes. Break them in so your feet don’t hurt. Think about putting pads on the bottom so you don’t slip on the dance floor.
  9. Bride, Get YOUR hair and makeup done first. That way if something runs late it doesn’t affect you too much.
  10. The venue – Make sure they have a great bridal room. And make sure they have space for group shots. Keep the getting ready room clean. It will help keep the photos free of clutter.

But above all else, take the time to slow down and enjoy your day.  It will go by so fast!

Do you have tips to share with brides??  Feel free to comment below!



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