Keelin, An Absolutely Amazing Normal West Senior

Normal West Senior Session

Keelin is an Absolutely Amazing Senior.  We planned out her session which included her Volkswagen bug.  I have to tell ya, this girl is a natural in front of my camera.  We had so much fun doing her session.  She was not afraid to try anything!  And her mom’s expression when Keelin climbed on top of her Volkswagen  was hilarious.  I think she knew she wanted photos WITH her car, just not ON her car.  It just made me laugh. lol

She wanted a combination of Nature and Urban photos so we started her session in a field and then ended it in Uptown Normal.

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Normal_West_Senior_0001.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0002.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0003.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0004.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0005.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0006.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0007.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0008.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0009.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0010.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0011.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0012.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0013.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0014.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0015.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0016.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0017.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0018.jpgNormal_West_Senior_0019.jpgNormal West Senior Session

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