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I had the pleasure of taking a couple of girls from the KSP Street Team over to My Loveable Angels to take a few photos of some of the dogs that need to be adopted.  I feel it’s very important to give back to our community and these 2 girls were so ready and willing to do this.  I love their giving hearts.







So let me introduce you to these sweet babies!


Lincoln is this brown Chihuahua.  He is still working on using his back leg.  He was hit by a car and his pelvis was shattered.  He is doing great and will just need that special family to help him continue his daily leg stretches and water therapy.  Lincoln is good with other dogs and loves his toys.  Though he is still working on being 100% housebroken, he is doing well.  We think it’s a combination of his leg and his previous owners seemed to have pee pad trained him.  He is only about one year old so he has his whole life ahead of him.  He would probably do best in a home with older kids just because of the work in progress with his leg.  Termperament wise he is wonderful.




In the image below is Faye.  Faye came to My Loveable Angels from a very abusive home in Tennessee.  Though she has had a horrible life until now, she has a very soft personality and is supe sweet.  She might take a minute to warm up to you, but once she does she enjoys being petted.  Faye is 10 years old and is looking for that forever home who will spoil her and make her the queen bee.





Mayflower is a senior min pin who suffered head trauma before being rescued as a stray.  She is a very sweet girl who loves to cuddle.  Though she has a had bob and a bit of a balance issue, she gets around just fine.  Mayflower is awesome with other dogs and loves to sun bathe on the porch.




Lancelot is about 8 1/2 years old and his favorite place is riding in the car.  He loves to go places and enjoys daily walks.  Lancelot is a miniature poodle/jack russel terrier mix who does really well with other dogs.  He does have a slightly collapsing trachea, but that is fairly common.  He does not need any medication and it doesn’t bother his activities.  When Lancelot is happy and excited he jumps on two feet with little half turns.




I want to give a shot out to these 2 beautiful girls for taking the time out of their day to come and do this for us.  You guys are AWESOME!!



If you know anyone that would love to have one of these sweet dogs, please contact My Loveable Angels.  You can find them on facebook too!

Contact info is:
My Loveable Angels
105 W. Jefferson
Bloomington, Il 61701
309 532 3700

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