Model Contest Winner heading to New York

I was contacted by Cassie a few weeks ago to do a few headshots for her.  She won a model contest and will be heading to New York within the next few weeks!  I thought her story was really neat!!  Read on and see for yourself!

“I study acting at Illinois State University and began started competing in pageants in 2014 to help build my confidence for when I walk into an audition room. I am very different than what most would think a typical pageant girl looks like- I’m 5’6 and plus-sized. Pageants may seem like an odd route, but the girls who compete are able to walk on stage with so much confidence and connect with each judge just through body language and I wanted to learn how to do that. The first time I was on stage I was extremely nervous, wore my senior prom gown, had no idea what I was doing, and had the time of my life! I then started competing more frequently and my confidence was soaring. I decided it was time to buy a more competitive gown so I went shopping and found a gorgeous green gown by the designer Mac Duggal. The very first time I wore his gown in a pageant I felt like a million bucks and won a very high title. I was online a few weeks ago and saw an advertisement for a campaign Mac Duggal was launching and it was called the #ThisIsWhyImFabulous model search for the plus-size prom gown line Fabulouss. The company was looking for girls to model for the Mac Duggal and work as an ambassador spreading body positivity to women everywhere. I thought that this campaign was incredibly important for breaking down walls in the fashion industry and I wanted to be apart of it. I was lucky enough to find a studio space and I filmed a one minute video explaining why I was fabulous and why I wanted to work with this amazing company. After a few days of my video being on Instagram, I received a message from Mac Duggal telling me that I was selected to fly to New York City, interview with Mac Duggal himself along with other celebrity judges, and attend New York Fashion Week. I was over the moon and got to planning right away. I was informed that I needed to bring head shots to my interview and after some careful consideration, I found Karen Stauffer’s website. I admired the colors in her photos and reached out. We got some really great shots and I could not be happier! I fly off to New York City with these beautiful head shots and my dreams the weekend of February 11th for a chance at an important job to spread body positivity and self love to girls every where!”

I can not wait to hear how Cassie does out in New York!  Good Luck Cassie!!

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