I’m Turning 50! – Central Illinois Photographer

Today I turn 50 years old. That’s right, the Big Five-O.

And I am thankful to be given the gift of turning 50. Instead of complaining, or making jokes about being over the hill, I am celebrating the gift of living for 50 years.

Being a photographer, I have always been a firm believer in not asking my clients to do anything I would not do myself.  If I want them to go stand in weeds I will go in the weeds first to make sure its safe, no snakes etc. (heaven forbid I ever find one…  If I do I’ll get a weeks worth of exercise trying to get out of that spot!). Well, I thought a cake session for myself would give those who know me a good chuckle. So here you have it!  Tutu & all… haha!  I had to include Big Red & Red Velvet Cake because those are two of my favorite things.

These past 50 years have given me quite a ride. I have scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, gray hair and more weight than I want, but Who cares!?. To me, 50 is just a number. I am still fun, vibrant and full of life.

Here are some of my personal reflections on turning 50:

  • Turning 50 has made me aware that my time on this earth is limited.
  • Since my time is limited, I don’t have the time for negativity, for doing things that don’t make my heart sing and spending time with people who deplete me.
  • Every day I pray for God to keep my heart open so that I can be a light to someone who needs it.
  • I have learned to accept and love my imperfections. I am perfectly imperfect. I am flawed, I make mistakes. But I have learned to embrace it all.
  • I love being called a wife, mother, mamaw & friend.

Thank you God for the gift of another year. I own my age and I wear it proudly.

I want each and every one of you to look in the mirror and love the person smiling back at you. No matter your age, love where you are in life and just enjoy the ride.
50th-Birthday-cake-smash_0001.jpg50th Birthday cake smash_0000.jpg50th Birthday cake smash_0005.jpg

50th Birthday cake smash_0003.jpg50th Birthday cake smash_0002.jpg

50th Birthday cake smash_0004.jpg

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