Bloomington, IL Wedding | Aaron and Erica

Aaron & Erica’s Bloomington, IL wedding day was beautiful.

It took place at Apostolic Pentecostal Church in Bloomington, IL followed by the reception there as well. Erica is very involved in her church music ministry so I felt I had to incorporate the piano into her day some way. I love how her piano shot turned out.  She looks so beautiful sitting there in her wedding gown.

Getting ready was quite an emotional time. She is very close to her grandparents and those moments with them that day are moments she will never forget. Being able to capture them with my camera is just priceless. See,  it’s not just about the getting pictures of your wedding day but instead it’s about MOMENTS captured on your wedding day.  The sweet moment she shared with her Grandma was such a beautiful moment.  Now they have that image captured forever.

As I sit here trying to find the words to say in this blog, all i can think about why it is so important to hire a professional wedding photographer for your wedding day. You see, Erica lost her grandfather recently. The father figure in her life, the man who walked her down the aisle, the one who invested into her life, who prayed for her, who loved her unconditionally. Those images I captured that day will live on for generations to come. Who can put a price on that??  It has definitely made me remember my WHY.  Why I do this, why I love doing this.  I love doing this because I know what I provide my clients with images that will be shared with their kids someday and generations to come.

Take time on your wedding day to really take in the moments.  It’s those images that you will look at someday and remember exactly how you felt in that moment.

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Bloomington Illinois wedding at Apostolic Pentecostal Church
Bride with piano
Bridal Pary
Wedding Bubbles
Bride Groom Bridal Pics

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