Going from fear to zipline fun

Going from fear to zipline fun

I don’t feel I have a lot of fears in my life.  I guess my main fears would be listed as fear of heights (only if i can fall), fear of snakes (just because they are gross and creepy), and spiders.  If it’s over the size of a nickle I yell for my husband to come do something with it. 🙂

Dennis and I decided to go up to Wisconsin Dells for a little getaway this past summer. It it such a beautiful area!  We did a little sight seeing, did a dinner sunset cruise which was just awesome, went to a zoo and last but not least… ZIPLINE.  I really don’t think Dennis thought I would follow through with it but I did!  Scared to death on the inside there I went climbing the first of 7 ziplines of the day.  When I got to the top we both looked at each other like ‘holy moley, what are we doing?” lol… Dennis went first, then I followed.  I can not describe how freeing that was for me!  The other 6 we did were so much fun!!

We decided to wear a gopro camera on our helmet to document the journey that day.  I’m so glad we did.  It’s something neither of us will forget.

With me being a Wedding Photographer, summers are super busy for me.  It’s hard to block off time to just relax.  This year I made it a priority to do so.  We did this trip to the Dells and also a few days in Galena, Illinois. No matter how busy your life gets, make time to slow down and enjoy it.

So tell me, where was YOUR favorite vacation spot?  What are some of your favorite memories made while on a vacation?





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